Writing posts that don't suck!

Writing posts that don't suck!

Have you ever written a post on social media and got absolutely nothing out of it? No likes, no reach, no shares, no comments, nothing. You’re on the verge of an existential crisis because you thought you shared something great but nobody seemed to care.


You’re not alone.


Posting for your business is a little trickier than posting to your personal account, but following a few guidelines can help you have a rock star post. Below you can see an example of a post that includes EVERYTHING that needs to be included in every single one of your social media posts.


Great post!

  1.         Choose Relevant Content

Posting relevant content can be the difference between a viral post and radio silence. You always need to put yourself in the shoes of your followers and ask yourself:
“Is this something I’d find interesting?”


2.         Attach an Image

Images are the 1st thing people see about your post. On a mobile device, images can help your post take up almost half of a screens real estate.

If you’re writing an original post, make sure that you upload a picture to go along with your text. If you’re sharing a link, make sure that the link you’re sharing includes an image. Not all links include images!


3.         A personalized message

Unfortunately, this is where a lot of people fall short. A personalized message is the most important aspect of a post. If you are sharing a link to an article, your post is almost guaranteed to fail if you don’t personalize it for your audience.

Found a cool article? Tell people why it’s cool.  Do not just share a link!


4.         Include a Hashtag

Hashtags are the ‘Folders’ of the social media world. By adding hashtags to your post, you’re able to choose which ‘Folder’ your post will go in by topic and increasing the chance of your post being seen dramatically. Always include at least 1 hashtag with your post.


5.         Add a Call to Action

So the whole point of posting to social media for your business is to get people to do something, but if you don’t tell them what to do they won’t know either!

A call to action is anytime you ask your followers to do something. Whether it be “Like my page”, “Check out my website”, or “Leave a comment below”, adding a call to action can considerably boost engagement and help guide your followers to take the appropriate actions that help you gain relevance.



These are the keys we’ve found to help our customers at Homesync. While the exact science behind a successful post can be different for every page, person, and industry, following the above guidelines can help make sure that your posts are setup for success.

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