5 Keys To A Great Profile Picture

5 Keys To A Great Profile Picture-hero-img

So you set what you think is a great photo as your profile picture on social media, but low and behold, nobody ever seems to remember seeing it. Unfortunately, too many professionals miss the point of what a profile picture should be: A Memorable First Impression.


Here are 5 common mistakes we see with profile pictures:

  1. Make your profile picture is zoomed in appropriately

Remember when we all had photo albums that we’d flip through to see pictures? Or when you walked into an office and you’d a team picture blown up several feet wide? Those were great days where you could do a lot more with photos, unfortunately times have changed. In today's world, more people access the web via their mobile devices. That means that your profile picture is going to be 1 ½ inches x 1 ½ inches. Your profile picture must size up well at any size, or it will end up being forgettable. 

Bad Good



  1. Make Sure Your Picture Is Well Lit

When you’re choosing a profile picture, you need to make sure your face is clear and well lit. Having a dark foreground and light background can render you practically unrecognizable.

Bad Good


  1. Make sure your picture is relevant

The first thing anyone looks at when they land on you page is your profile picture. It is key to make a great first impression. Make sure your profile picture is relevant to your marketing strategy. Get rid of that random picture that has nothing to do with you or your business!

  1. Make sure your profile picture is professional
    If you’re trying to build a reputable brand, it’s important see that you present yourself in a professional manner. If someone lands on your page and they see your face with a dog filter overlaying it, the first reaction they will have is “Are you sure this is John Smiths profile?”. When looking for a brand, people expect clear cut professionalism, and that starts with your profile picture


  1. Keep mobile devices in mind

    We understand that you want to add as much information to your profile picture as possible, but it comes a point where it become illegible. Profile pictures that may look great on a desktop may look completely different on a mobile browser or app. We recommend to keep text off of your profile picture and blow up your picture or logo so it is as clear as possible, regardless of size


Desktop Mobile

These 5 tips can dramatically help your profile picture become more memorable and recognizable. It is the first impression someone will have when they land on your page. Make sure you do it right!

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