State-of-the-Art Business A.I.
Business A.I. lets you have more control for your business.
The best way to generate amazing, industry related, original social media posts for your business. Business A.I. is an easy-to-use tool that allows yo to write prompts that our A.I. uses to create amazing social media posts. Our A.I. is trained in industry-specific topics, ensuring that your posts are always up-to-date and relevant. High quality content and engaging posts can be created quickly and efficiently. With our “Business A.I.” feature, you can rest assured that your posts will be the best on the market.
A.I Notifications
Don't miss another publishing opportunity. Thuzzle A.I. can send you notification on posts that you can publish if you're too busy to login. One touch and you're still active across your social media profiles.
Wondering if your post is any good? Don't worry, Thuzzle A.I. reads your post in real-time as you type and gives you suggestions on how to improve it.
Business A.I.
Looking for even more A.I. Power? Business A.I. lets you have an open conversation with Thuzzle. Ask Thuzzle to generate a post based on a specific topic, item, or product. The possibilities are endless.
You Specific
Thuzzle learns about you and your business. The more you use Thuzzle, the smarter he gets. Using the most advanced A.I. available, Thuzzle will help you be a social media marketing king.