Why You Should Use The Homesync URL Shortener

A URL shortener can mean more to your business than you think.

Why You Should Use The Homesync URL Shortener
A URL shortener can mean more to your business than you think.

In the age of the internet, social media is the most dynamic platform available to businesses that want to engage with their audience and promote their brand to the widest number of users worldwide. As much as you would like to post content from your website directly to your social media accounts, the more common method is to link your social media followers to your website landing page.

Let's say you want to share this link from BleacherReport regarding your favorite sports team.


With a URL shortener, you can turn this:


Into this:



And that's it. With a short url, you are able to clean up your social media posts, track analytics, and manage loads of URLs quickly and easily. Talking about URL shorteners, there are many URL shortening services, but they are not created equal. Homesync URL shortener brings a novel and rich experience to URL shortening. If you are wondering why you should use the Homesync URL shortener, here are some of the reasons why this URL shortener is the best for you.

1. Homesync provides a dynamic platform where you can effectively manage all your short URLs.

Rather than jumping from one account to another, you can manage all your short URL directly through Homesync, saving you valuable time and money. Homesync allows you to keep all your links in one account, providing information about their performance, their long versions, and so much more.


2. With Homesync, you can create as many short URLs as you want for all your social media campaigns and engagements.

Whether you are launching a new offering, running a special promo, raising awareness for an upcoming event, or driving traffic to a particular page on your website, you can always trust Homesync to provide a reliable URL shortening service that can help you share your posts and content on social media whenever and wherever you want.


3. Homesync premium account provides user-friendly and highly sophisticated analytics dashboard where you can track the number of clicks and traffic received by your links.

This is a powerful tool that helps you monitor and identify your top performing links. That way, you know which of your strategies are working and those that need some fine-tuning for optimal results. Homesync URL shortener provides you valuable analytics to enhance your social media strategy.

Additionally, Homesync URL shortener allows you to view traffic analytics of every one of your shortened links. With this feature, you can monitor the behavior of the traffic coming from any of your links and this can guide your marketing decisions in the future.


4. Reduced Marketing Costs

Using URL shorteners lowers your marketing costs because you pay for the number of characters in your marketing campaigns, especially in SMS marketing. By using Homesync URL shortener, you can save money without compromising the information in your link or giving up analytics.


5. Your thumbnails and social previews are intact.

When you use Homesync URL shortener, you don’t have to worry about the appearance of your image or descriptions as the short URL redirects to the original page. You only have to make sure that everything is set on the original page.

Homesync URL shortener is an all-in-one package that makes it easy to share your posts on social media and keep track of the performance of your links within one single accounts. It’s easy, efficient, and dynamic.


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