Smart Posting: Never Schedule a Post Again

Smart Posting: Never Schedule a Post Again

Introducing Smart Posting - A scheduler that does all the heavy lifting for you


• Be super active on Social without all the hard work

Long gone are the days where you have to go and schedule posts every week or month. With Smart Posting, all you have to do is create the posts and they will be automatically posted for. Smart posting intelligently posts to multiple networks at different times. It also guarantees that your posts are correctly timed and that you don't go long periods without posting anything to social media.


• Let your posts come to life

Smart posting allows you to describe your posts in a way that allows them to become super effective on social. Tell us what kind of post it is, what kind of mood you're trying to set, or what the purpose of your post is and we'll be able to intelligently make the most of your post.


• Automatic Posting to the Best Networks

Every post is different and some will fare better on different social networks. Figuring out which ones go where can be a tedious and time consuming task. Let smart posting figure that out for you. Depending on how your post is written, what kind of images are on it, and other detailing factors, smart posting will make sure that your posts are being posted to the best social networks for the most efficient marketing and maximum post performance.


 Consistent Timing

We always preach how important it is to stay up-to-date and consistent on social media, but far too often we see people lose track of their posts with their busy work schedule. By using Smart Posting, timing your posts will be a thing of the past. Just enable Smart Posting on your templates and you'll be on your way to a producted social media profile.


Smart posting is now available for all premium users. Click Here and get started today!

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