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Drafts allow you to create ready-to-go posts for easy scheduling and smart posting.Drafts are essentially a post to social media that is saved so you can use it again in the future. Drafts make it easy to market features, products, or events that you want to promote to your followers. Besides your status message, a draft can also include a link, images, and video.


Creating a draft

Creating a draft is quick and easy.

  1. Open your Post Composer just as you would when creating a new post
  2. Create your post, add images, insert a link, or add an image.
  3. Click The Save As Draft Button
  4. Choose a name for your draft in the new text area that appears
  5. Click Save

Approving a draft

To approve a draft:

  1. Click “Drafts” in your navigation bar on the left side of your screen under Posting & Scheduling.
  2. Click the toggle switch to the right of the draft you would like to approve

The draft should now be approved and can now be published to your social networks. A draft can only be published if it is approved.

*Only users with “Publish Posts” permissions or Admins are allowed to approve drafts.


Publishing a draft using the Post Composer

The easiest way to publish a draft is to load it via the post composer.

  1. Open your Post Composer
  2. Click on the drafts icon (3rd from the left) under your status message box.
  3. Choose which draft you would like to use from the drop down menu
  4. Click “Load”
  5. Click “Post”


Publishing a draft using the content calendar

You can use the Homesync content calendar to drag and drop drafts to be published at a later time. Follow these steps to start publishing drafts with your content calendar:

  1. Open your calendar by clicking “Post Calendar” in your navigation bar
  2. In the drop down menu above your calendar, select the draft you would like to schedule.
  3. Once selected, a blue box with dragging arrows will appear next to the drop down menu. Drag and drop the blue box to a current or future day on the calendar.
  4. The post composer will open with the selected day. You can now adjust the specific time you would like this draft to be published.
  5. Click the ‘Schedule` button to schedule your draft to be published.

Draft Tips

Pro accounts are limited to 15 drafts. If you decide you do not want to use a draft anymore, you can archive the draft instead of deleting it. Archived drafts do not count towards your maximum number of allowed drafts.


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