Scheduling Posts To Instagram

Are you looking for an easy way to schedule posts to Instagram?

Scheduling Posts To Instagram
Are you looking for an easy way to schedule posts to Instagram?

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Instagram is one of the most popular photo sharing platforms on the web. It is used by hundreds of millions of people and businesses around the world to share amazing pictures with custom filters.


As a business, you want to take full advantage of instagram to show your followers who you are and build your brand. Unfortunately, Instagram has very strict rules on how you can publish to their platform. This has led to many accounts being deleted and lots of content being lost. But there is a solution.



Instagram Scheduling By Homesync

Instagram is very adamant about every picture published to the platform be published via the offical Instagram app from the Google PlayStore or the Apple App Store. Unofficial publishers that post on your behalf are against Instagram Terms Of Use and can lead to having your account banned.


Homesync has you covered. Using Homesyncs unique instagram scheduling tool, you can easily schedule your posts to instagram without breaking any instagram terms of use.


How It Works:
Requirements: iOS or Android device with the official Homesync app and Instagram app installed.


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Step 1:

Create a post with an image on Homesync and schedule it for the future. If you need help creating a post follow this link: How to create a post.


Step 2:

You will receive a notification on your phone at the scheduled time from the Homesync app. Open the notification and launch the Homesync app.


Step 3:

The Homesync app will then automatically open your Instagram app in the ‘Share’ screen with the image you used in your post already populated. Any text you had that went along with your image will be in you phones clipboard. You can paste the text into the Instagram share message field.


Step 4:

Share the image on Instagram!


By following the above steps you will have posted a scheduled post in just a few touches.


Homesync provides 50 scheduled posts per month for Pro accounts at $10 a month and unlimited scheduled posts for all Business accounts starting at $40 a month.



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