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Are you losing social media opportunities to show off your skill as a realtor, fill your pipeline with new clients and reduce the time between closings?

At heart, real estate is a people business. You love what you do because you love working with people, and there is no feeling on earth like seeing the smiles on your clients faces at a successful closing.

But if you don’t have an active social media presence, are you losing opportunities to show off your skill as a realtor, fill your pipeline with new clients and reduce the time between closings?

What realtors tell us about social media marketing:

  • There are too many social media platforms, I don’t know which to use
  • Social media tools can be hard to understand and I don’t have time to learn them
  • Finding content to post on social media takes me away from spending time with my clients
  • I don’t have time to post consistently, so I think it’s best for me to stay off social media
  • When I do post on Facebook, I don’t know if it’s actually helping me

Homesync can help you find the best content to share with your network, help you schedule your updates so you’re always posting helpful information, and provides easy-to-understand feedback about which posts make the biggest splash with your followers.

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Start scheduling your social updates

Scheduling social media updates doesn’t have to take hours. Simply finding a couple of interesting articles every day and sharing them can help establish trust with potential clients long before they ever call you. You’re already reading magazines and websites as part of your daily routine, with Homesync you can take the best of those articles and schedule them to share on your social networks while you’re in meetings or with clients.

Post to all your social networks simultaneously

While posting content to a social network only takes a few minutes, posting to a bunch of them can easily feel like you’re spending half of your day doing tasks that don’t generate income. Scheduling your posts with Homesync allows you to post to all your social networks at the same time without having to open and close half a dozen apps or write and re-write your updates.

Get the most valuable content for your audience

Searching for the kind of articles your social network might be interested in sounds like it should be a quick task. Then two hours later, you’re still no closer to posting those updates but you’ve somehow found yourself on a website explaining the history of hamster farming in Eastern Europe. Assuming you’re not working on a deal for a Serbian hamster farm, you’re going to need better content. Your Homesync subscription includes a daily email of the most viral articles, from the most respected websites in real estate. All you have to do is share them with your network.

Regular social updates show buyers and sellers you enjoy being connected to your clients, and that you want to help them to be as informed as possible. When it comes to social media marketing you can be among the best in the game – even your competition will look for your social updates to get ahead.

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