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With tools that can help you at every step of the way, Homesync will guide you through the best marketing practices helping you build your online presence.

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Stop wasting time and have all your feeds in one dashboard.

Searching for content is single handedly the most time consuming task on the internet. A good social media marketer always knows what is going on in their industry and can react according to what it's customers are saying.

RSS Feeds
Use RSS Feeds in Homesync to aggregate news sites, blogs, and online feeds.

To organize content and keep you more in tune with industry news, Homesync offers channels. Channels are feeds that aggregate content from RSS feeds, Twitter, Reddit, and Pinterest into 1 single news feed. Channels are organized by different topics and can also email you the top news items daily.

Reddit is one of the most popular websites on the internet. Reddit offers sub-topics, also known as subreddits, for just about everything you can imagine. Using Homesync's Reddit Reader, you can track what people are saying for your topic in an easy-to-use interface.

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Alan Kidson

Since I signed up with Homesync to manage my social media pages, my online presence has grown considerably.

Alan Kidson Owner of German Car Repair, inc

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