Managing Facebook Pages

Facebook Pages

Facebook business pages are the primary way to market via Facebook. Once you have created a business page on Facebook, you can use Homesync to manage publishing, view analytics, and reply to comments. To learn about Facebook pages, click here.


Authentication and Permissions

When authenticated, Facebook provides Homesync with "Scoped Permissions" for each resource that you have allowed. This allows for granular control of what you can and cannot do with your Facebook managed pages via Homesync. During the authentication process, Homesync requests the minimum required permissions to make sure Homesync can fully function with your Facebook pages. You will have the ability to limit which pages and Instagram accounts can be seen from your Homesync profile.

Currently, Homesync requires the following permissions to have full functionality.

  • Show a list of the Pages you manage
  • Access your Page and App insights
  • Access leads for your Pages
  • Read content posted on the Page
  • Manage accounts, settings, and webhooks for a Page
  • Read user content on your Page
  • Create and manage ads for your Page
  • Create and manage content on your Page
  • Access profile and posts from the Instagram account connected to your Page
  • Upload media and create posts for the Instagram account connected to your Page
  • Manage comments for the Instagram account connected to your Page
  • Access insights for the Instagram account connected to your Page


In the event these permissions change, Homesync may stop functioning correctly. 


Managing a Page

Within your Homesync business profile, you can see a list of available and managed pages by clicking "Facebook Pages" in your navigation bar. If you have profile permissions to "Manage Social Networks" and your profile has not reached it's subscription limit of Facebook pages, you can begin managing a page by clicking the "+" next to the desired Facebook page.

Once a page has been designated as "managed", it will have a green checkmark next to it in the list of available pages.

Removing a Page from Homesync

If you no longer want to manage a page via Homesync, you can remove it by opening the page, going to the "Settings" tab and removing the page. Removing a page from Homesync does not affect the status or the previously published posts that are already on Facebook.

Not Working?

If your Facebook page is not working or you are unable to add a Facebook page to your business profile, try one of the following.

  • Reauthenticate with Facebook and ensure you have allowed all the required permissions. Make sure to click "Edit Settings" in the initial Facebook authentication pop up and allow all requested permissions.
  • Check Facebook API status and ensure that the Facebook API platform is up and running. This is separate from the regular Facebook app or Click here to see the Facebook API platform status.
  • Check with your Homesync account administrator and ensure that you have not reached the maximum number of Facebook pages being managed by your account.