Post Groups

Group your profiles to make it easier for you to publish to multiple locations simultaneously

If you're managing many social networks, it can become difficult and time consuming to constantly select every social network you want to publish to. With Post Groups, you can now group your profiles together and publish to all of them with a single click.

To create a Post Group, follow the instructions below:

  1. In your business profile, click 'Post Groups' in your navigation bar
  2. Click "Create Post Group" to create your new post group
  3. Give your post group a name, an optional description, then select which social media profiles you would like to be in this post group.
  4. Click "Save Group" to create your Post Group

Once you have created your post group, you will have a new option available to you when you open your post composer. Now when you open your post composer, you will have a toggle switch above your list of social networks where you can toggle between your accounts and your post groups.


Posting Groups Tips

  • When publishing to post groups, it may take up to 3 minutes to publish to all of the networks. Please take this into consideration if manually publishing your posts.

  • When publishing or scheduling a post with a Post Group, the post will be published to the social networks in the Post Group at the time of creation of the post. This means that if you schedule a post for a future date and then update that groups account list, the new additions will not receive the post due to being added after the post was scheduled.