Integrating Facebook Lead Generation Ads

Business Account Required


Facebook's advertising platform allows you to create power lead capture ads which lets you learn and collect leads straight through Facebook itself. To learn more about Lead Generation ads on Facebook, Click Here []. When your potential client fills out a lead generation form on Facebook, that lead can now be directly piped into your Homesync contacts list and your pipelines! Here’s how to get started.


  1. First you must make sure that you have a Facebook page attached to your business profile. To see how to authenticate Facebook and attach a profile, Click Here

  2. Second, you must create a pipeline in which you want your leads to funnel into. To learn how to create a pipeline, Click Here

  3. Create at least 1 stage for the pipeline

  4. Open the Pipeline that you want your leads to be created in.

  5. Open the pipeline options by clicking the settings button on the top right

  6. In the dropdown menu, select the Facebook page that will manage the lead ads you want to be be pulled into this pipeline.

  7. Click Save


All done! Now when a user fills out a lead generation form on Facebook, Homesync will automatically create a new contact in your contacts tab and it will also create a new item in your pipeline with the contact information attached.