Integrating Instagram Business

Instagram business integration allows you to publish and gather analytics for Instagram accounts that are linked to your Facebook page. To be able to interact with your Instagram account, you must first ensure that the Instagram account is correctly associated to your Facebook page managed by Homesync.

Facebook Pages and Instagram Accounts

Each Facebook page can be associated with an Instagram account within the Facebook business page settings. Once you have correctly connected Facebook and Instagram, Homesync can be given access to your Instagram through the associated Facebook page. 

To see how to associate your Instagram page to your Facebook business page: Click Here.

Adding Instagram Permissions

In order to integrate your Instagram account into your Homesync profile, you will need to have given Homesync all the correct permissions via the Facebook login dialog. By going to "Facebook Pages" in your navigation bar and checking the list of Facebook pages, you will be notified if any permissions are missing for full Instagram integration. In the event you are missing permissions, a user with Admin permissions to your Facebook page must reauthenticate using the button provided above the list of pages.

Homesync requests the most basic permissions needed to make sure Facebook integration works successfully. Homesync abides by all Facebook Terms of Service and does not infringe on your privacy.