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Integrating Instagram Business

Instagram is the premier photo sharing platform owned by Facebook which has over 1 billion active users. Taking advantage of Instagram for your business is key to your marketing strategy.

To integrate Instagram account with your Homesync account, you must first have attached your Instagram Business Account to your Facebook business page. To do this, please follow the instructions in the link below:


How To attach Instagram Account To Facebook Page


Now that you have attached your Instagram account to your Facebook business page, you can attach your Instagram account to your Homesync profile. If you have not authorized Facebook in your homesync profile, you will have to do so prior to managing Instagram accounts.


Follow the steps below to attach your Instagram account to your homesync profile.

  1. In your Business homesync profile, click Facebook Pages in your navigation bar.
  2. If you have not previously given Homesync permissions to manage Instagram accounts, click “Authorize Instagram”
  3. If you have authorized Instagram permissions, you will see “Has Instagram Account” under any Facebook Pages that have Instagram accounts attached to them.
  4. Click “Manage Page” for the Page and Instagram account you’d like to manage. If you were already managing a Facebook page before hand, no additional
    step is required.

Once you have given Homesync the correct Instagram permissions via Facebook and you have begun managing a Facebook business page, you will also be able to see you Instagram account in the “Instagram Business” tab in your navigation bar.