Profile Roles and Team Management

Homesync profiles are powerful tools to help manage teams. If your Homesync subscription plan allows for multiple users per profile, you can delegate tasks and permissions to different users within your profile. To change your Homesync subscription to add more users, check out the Billing Settings of your account.

Inviting users

To invite users to be part of your profile, they must first have a Homesync account. They are not required to have a paid account and can register for a free account using this link: Homesync Free Account Creation. Once a user has created and set up their account, follow the steps below to add them to your account.

  1. In the search bar, search for profile name of the user you'd like to invite
  2. Click the user in search to open their profile.
  3. Click the "Invite to Profile" button to add them to your profile
  4. Follow the steps below to grant permissions to the new user

User Roles and Permissions

Once a user has been added to your profile, they will be granted basic access. This means that they will not be able to publish content, reply to, share posts, or manage social media accounts. Access to these functions are provided via Roles and Permissions. 

To edit Roles and Permissions, go into your profile by clicking your profile name at the top of the navigation bar. Once in your profile, you can create new roles under the "Roles" tab and you can add users to roles in the "Team" tab. By default, every profile has an "Admin" role.


If you require tailored permissions or access for a large team, please reach out to us at