Campaigns Beta

Campaigns Beta


Campaigns is currently in beta and can have features removed and added.


Homesync offers an easy to way to organize your marketing campaigns. Campaigns in Homesync allow you to and easily attach posts, drafts, and short urls to campaign names. By using campaigns, you will be able to get an over arching view of the performance of your marketing strategy.


Campaigns also allow out to connect with Google Analytics by automatically attaching utm_codes to your short urls. You can learn more about utm_codes by checking out this site:



If you have Googla Analytics tracking enabled in your profile, Homesync will attach the following by default to all short urls created by that profile.





If you also have a campaign attached to the short url, Homesync will append the following to the url







If you have google analytics setup for your website, you will be able to begin tracking traffic to your website and be able to see it’s source via google analytics.