Managing Multiple Profiles

Homesync allows you to manage multiple social network accounts. Each homesync profile can manage 1 account from each network. Managing multiple accounts from the same social network (ie: multiple Facebook pages), is easy. To keep things simple and organized, you can create a new Homesync profile within your account to attach your new pages. Here is how to create a new profile.


Creating A New Profile

  1. Click "Switch Profiles" at the top of your navigation bar.

  2. Click "Create New Profile" above your current list of profiles

  3. Fill out all the information for your new profile

  4. Click "Save"

After following these steps, you will have created your new profile. This new profile can be attached to a new set of accounts form Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Tumblr, and Pinterest.


You can always switch between your accounts by clicking "Switch Profiles" and then click "Switch to Your Profile Name".