Upgrading Your Account

Not Available Via Native Applications. Please login using our web application here.


Homesync allows you to tailor your account to fit your business. If you need to manage multiple profiles or have a team of marketing manager that will be working simultaneously on your social strategy, you can make sure your account fits your needs.

To upgrade your account, you must first be logged into the account you would like to upgrade.

1. Open the Billing Section of your account

Click the at the top right of your screen and click "Billing".

2. Change Plans

Click "Change Plans" and you will be given the option of adjusting how you want your account to be setup. By picking different number of profiles and users, you can customize the way your account will work.

3. Update Your Payment Information

If this is your first time upgrading your account, you will be given a 15 day free trial with your new account. We recommend that you update your payment method so when your trial runs out you will not suffer from any service disruption. A trial can be cancelled at anytime.