Smart Posting

Smart posting is an innovative feature that takes the daily struggle out of managing your social media by automatically publishing your drafts to your networks for you.


How it works

Smart posting uses drafts you have created and intelligently publishes them to your attached social networks.

Using advanced analytics, smart posting optimizes your posting schedule daily and publishes your content at the correct times for maximum exposure.


Social Networks

Currently smart posting can publish to Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Smart posting analyzes each network individually to maximize your audience.


Getting Started

Smart Posting is built on top of your drafts. To learn more about drafts, you can click here. To get started with smart posting, you will need to have the following:


  • 15 drafts approved and enabled for smart posting
  • At least 1 of the 3 supported networks attached (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn) to your profile



The first step do enable smart posting is to make sure you have 15 approved drafts. You can learn about how to create drafts by clicking here.

Once you have 15 approved drafts, you need to let smart posting know where you want these drafts to be published to. Follow the steps below to choose your smart posting locations:

  1. Click ‘Drafts’ in your navigation bar
  2. Click on the name of an approved draft you would like to use for smart posting
  3. In the smart posting panel, select which networks you would like homesync to smart post this draft to. You have a choice of Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.


Enabling Smart Posting

Once you have 15 approved drafts and you’ve chosen which networks you’d like them to be published to, you can enable smart posting by clicking the ‘Smart Posting’ tab in your navigation bar and clicking the smart posting power button to turn it on.

You must have 15 drafts for smart posting to work for a social network. If you enable smart posting and you have less than 15 drafts for a network, smart posting will not publish to that network.


When and where will it posted?

Smart posting uses a dynamic engine to determine when a draft will be publish and where it will be posted to. Normally, you should see your drafts being published at similar times of the day as our recommended schedule. Sometimes you may see variations in posting times or days, this is completely normal. Smart posting attempts to make sure that it’s always posting at the best time for your audience while also making sure it’s not repeating itself until it’s gone through a full cycle.


Using Expiration Dates

If you want to make sure that one of your drafts isn’t being repeated forever, you can enable expiration dates. By enabling expiration dates, homesync will make sure to stop smart posting a draft once it’s reached its expiration date. If you are running low on approved drafts and you have upcoming drafts that are expiring, Homesync will send you an email to remind you to refresh your drafts.