Managing Personal Profiles

Homesync personal profiles provide the easiest way to interact with social media, keep up to date with news, and follow your favorite websites

You can always check which profile you are in by looking at the top most item in your navigation bar.

Profile Settings

Your Homesync profile has many settings to adjust how your profile is displayed to the world. To update these settings, you must follow these steps

  1. Click the top most item in your navigation bar with your name, profile, profile photo
  2. Click the 3 cogwheels on the far right of the horizontal navigation bar
  3. Update your profile settings
  4. Click the "Save" button at the bottom of the page

Your Feed and Followers

If you have your profile set to "Public", other users on Homesync will be able to follow you and mention you in posts. Your feed and profile may also be indexed by search engines and appear on searching on Google and Bing.