Team Management

Homesync provides team management tools to help you delegate tasks to your team.

Team Members

If you're a versatile and agile business, you'll want multiple people to be able to create, share, and manage your content. Team members are other Homesync profiles which can be added to help you manage a Business profile. Multiple profiles can be added at a time. Depending on the size of your business, Homesync can custom tailor the amount of team members for your account. If you didn't find a plan that fits your business, please contact us at and we'll make sure you're setup with exactly what you need.

Adding Team Members

To add team members to a profile they must first have a Homesync account with an active personal profile. Your team members are not required to be subscribed to a premium plan, they will benefit from your account options.

  1. Use the search in the header to search for the user you'd like to add to your profile
  2. Open the user by clicking the user name after searching.
  3. Click the "Options" button under the user header
  4. Click "Add to Profile" to add this user to your business profile

Team Roles

Once you have added a team member to your profile, you can change their roles and delegate tasks to them.

Publish Posts: This role allows a user to publish posts. They can publish posts directly, or by using one of the scheduling options.

Reply To Posts: This role allows a user to reply to posts. This include clicking the reply button on posts and replying via the conversation tool.

Update Profile: This role allows a user to update the profile. This includes updating the about us page, the profile picture, and screen name.

Manage Members: This role allows a user manage other members of the profile. This includes changing roles, inviting other users, and removing users. A user with the 'Manage Members' role cannot remove an admin.

Manage Social Networks: This role allows a user to add, remove, and modify attached social networks and third party services to a profile.

Manage Photos and Videos: This role allows a user to add, remove, and modify photos and videos.

Manage Contacts: This role allows a user to add, remove, and modify contacts.

Manage Pipelines: This role allows a user to add, remove, and modify pipelines.