Managing Business Profiles

Homesync business profiles give you and your company the tools to harness the power of marketing on social media.

You can always check which profile you are in by looking at the top most item in your navigation bar.

Team Members and Roles

Homesync business profiles are capable of being managed by multiple people. This allows you to delegate certain tasks to team members and ensure that the appropriate permissions are given to each team member.

The owner of the profile is the user who created the profile. This role cannot be delegated to other members of the profile. The owner is the only person that is able to delete the profile. Ownership can be transferred to other administrators of the profile.

Admin roles are the master roles of a profile. Admins are able to perform any function of the other roles except delete the profile.

The 'publish posts' role allows for a user to manage posts for a profile. This include publishing, editing, deleting, and scheduling posts.

The 'manage users' role allows for a user to manage the users that belong to a profile. This includes inviting, removing, and changing roles for users. A user with the 'manage users' privilege will not be able to change the roles of the profile admins.

The 'update profile' role allows for a user to update the settings of a profile. This include changing the screen name, updating the profile picture, and changing any profile descriptions such as the about us section.