Scheduling Posts

Scheduling posts allows for you to spend more time on your business and less time writing to social media.

Scheduling a post

You're not a robot that can be on your computer or mobile 24/7 to post, but you know that your followers may be up and browsing even at the most off times. Don't let that get in your way and schedule posts so Homesync can take care of posting for you while you're not at your computer.

  1. Click Composer in your navigation bar
  2. Select which social networks you would like the post to be posted to
  3. Fill out your post and upload any media files to be attached
  4. Click the Schedule button with the clock icon
  5. Select a date and time of when you would like the post to be created
  6. Select a timezone you would like the post to be directed at
  7. Click "Post" and your post will be scheduled and posted at your desired date and time according to the timezone you selected.