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What are profiles?

Profiles are the heart of homesync and provide a way for you to manage your social networks on a personal and a business level simultaneously while maintaining a clear separation

Profile Types

There are two types of profiles on Homesync, Personal Profiles and Business Profiles. Every homesync account comes with a free personal profile for you to manage your social networks and news feeds. Homesync also offers business profiles with added benefits for businesses such as scheduled posts, templates, calendar tools, and more.

Every profile has a Name and a Screen Name. Screen names can be updated as often as you would like, but we recommend that you stick with one so your followers can have an easier time getting in touch with you.

Public or Private

Homesync profiles allow you to have a homepage for all your social networks. You can enable your profile to be publicly accessible or you can set it to remain private. Publicly accessible profiles give you the added benefit of being index by search engines and allowing you or your brand to have a larger online footprint. By having a public profile, users are also able to search for you and tag you in posts.

Personal Profiles

Personal profiles are completely free and come with every Homesync account. Only 1 person can manage a personal profile. Your personal profile is geared towards your personal news feeds and accounts.

Business Profiles

Homesync Business Profiles are similar to personal profiles, but with the added benefits of allowing multiple users to access the profile. Business profiles can be carefully secured with roles and management tools to only allow certain users to perform certain tasks. Business Profiles also have some premium features such as Analytics, Templates, Unlimited Scheduled Posts, and more