What are profiles?

Profiles are the heart of homesync and provide a way for you to manage your social networks on a personal and a business level simultaneously while maintaining a clear separation between the two.

Profile Types

There are two types of profiles on Homesync, Personal Profiles and Business Profiles. 

Every Homesync user has a personal profile to manage social networks and news feeds. Personal profiles can publish to personal pages on social networks (if the network API allows it. Since there is a one-to-one relationships between personal profiles and Homesync users, personal profiles can be used to search for and invite other users into business profiles.

Homesync business profiles provides additional business management tools, including publishing to business social media accounts such as Instagram and Facebook Pages. Business management tools such as scheduled posts, templates, calendar tools, and team management, make business profiles much more efficient and easy at managing teams on social media for a company.

Profile Information

Every profile has a Name and a Screen Name. Screen names can be updated as often as you would like, but we recommend that you stick with one so your followers can have an easier time getting in touch with you.

Profiles also have other information that can be editted via the profile page on Homesync. Adding more information makes your page more relevant and easier to find. To edit a profile, follow the steps below:

  • Make sure you are in the profile you'd like to edit
  • Click your profile at the top of the navigation bar
  • Edittable fields can be found in your feed tab, edit info tab, and settings tab

Profile Posts

Your profile also keeps track of all your posts to social media. By clicking your profile at the top of the navigation bar, you can see all the previous posts that have been published via Homesync to your social media accounts. To view where each post has been published, click "View Post Locations" in one of your posts.