New Paper Trail for Businesses

New Paper Trail for Businesses
If you follow this blog, you might have come across an article we posted a while back listing different blunders that have occurred on social media (here it is if you haven't read it). As displayed in the post, many companies, ranging from small to large, have made mistakes on social media. While completely preventing a social media mistake can be very difficult, one thing that has been close to impossible is tracking down which one of your team members committed the blunder. Until now...

Introducing Paper Trail

Introducing our new Paper Trail for business accounts. Now you can track every change made to your profile. Paper trail tracks all your social media actions and thos of your team members. It's easy sift through and filter different actions and keep track of everything going on.

Our new paper trail includes the following features

  • Tracking of all social media postings, comments, replies
  • Tracking of scheduled posts
  • Tracking of templates and bulletin board posts
  • Tracking of user management changes
  • Tracking of subscription to feeds (Reddit, RSS, Channels...)

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