How to Create A Facebook Business Page

7 easy steps to create your business page on Facebook

How to Create A Facebook Business Page
7 easy steps to create your business page on Facebook

How to create a Facebook Business Page

Facebook has over two billion active users across a wide range of demographics, making it the ultimate hunting ground for businesses. If you have yet to create your Facebook business page, you should do so NOW! There is nothing like it in the social media landscape.

Due to its popularity, Facebook is the easiest platform to discover and connect with your audience online, which is why creating a Facebook business page should be at the top of your brand's to-do list.

If you are wondering how to create a Facebook business page, you will learn how to do it in seven easy steps that would be outlined in this article. Sit back and relax, and you should have your Facebook business page up and running before the day runs out.


Step One: Sign up for a Facebook Business Page


To get started, navigate to in your web browser. At the top right-hand corner of the page, click “Create a Page”. After clicking the button, you will be presented with a variety of business categories such as Local business or Place, Brand or Product, Company, Organization, or Institution, Artist, Band or Public Figure and Entertainment. Choose the category that fits your type of business, and if your business applies to more than one of the options provided, select the option your clients will choose when they are looking for your type of business.

Upon selection of a business category, a box will appear with input fields where you will enter in details about your business including your business name, address, and page category. Page categories are the different types of industries that make up the main business category you selected at first. A list of potential industries will appear when you start typing in the category field, and all you need do is choose the most applicable category.

When you have completed the box, click “Get Started”. Clicking the “Get Started” button is an acknowledgement of Facebook’s terms and conditions regarding Business Pages, so it’s advisable that you check the provisions of the document before you proceed. Note that it's obligatory to complete this box before you can proceed to the next stage, which is where you will upload your pictures.


Step Two: Upload Pictures

The next step is to add your cover and profile pictures for your Facebook business page. A picture says more than a thousand words if it can catch the attention of the viewer. You want to make the first impression last, which is why your images must be of the highest quality and representative of your brand.

The first picture to upload is the profile image. Your profile image will be displayed at the top left corner of your Facebook Page and will appear whenever people search for your business and during engagements with your customers.

If your brand is well-established, it’s better to use your brand logo. Local businesses can use a high-quality picture of their best-selling product that can create an instant connection between your brand and potential customers. If you primarily work in person with clients, a well-lit and clear portrait of your face is a great choice.

Note that your profile picture will be cropped to a circle in posts and ads, so it’s important not to place vital information at the edges of the picture. However, it will be displayed as a square on your Facebook Page. When you have selected the perfect picture, click “Upload Profile Picture”. You must also remember that most of your audience will see you profile picture on their mobile device, so you must make sure that your picture is clear even when very small.

Next is to select a cover image, your Facebook business page's most important image. Your cover picture should be an excellent representation of your personality and convey the essence of your brand. You can use the pictures you have on your website, but you can also hire a professional photographer for a high-quality picture with all the great props to make it as captivating as possible. The minimum resolution for the cover image is 400 x 150 pixels. It will be displayed at 640 x 360 pixels on mobile devices and 820 x 312 pixels on desktop. Click “Upload a Cover Photo” after selecting the appropriate image. Once you have uploaded the cover picture, your Facebook business page is now live!


Step Three: Build your new Page

Now that you have created your Facebook business page, it’s time to explore your new platform. At this point, the page is still empty. There will be prompts to help you explore the features of your new page. It’s advisable to click through the prompts to get the hang of Facebook business pages. However, you still have some work to do to make your Page an effective platform to catapult your brand into the limelight.


Step Four: Write a short description

Here you have the opportunity to inform your potential followers about your business. Facebook allows you to write a maximum of 155 characters, so you have to make every letter count. No need for any elaborate statements, get to the point of your brand's objectives as brief as you can. When you are done writing the description, click “Add a Short Description”, input your write-up and then click “Save”. Later, you will have the chance to add a detailed description.


Step Five: Create a Username

You also need to create a username for your Facebook business page. Known as the vanity URL, your username gives your business a unique address on Facebook, helping people find your page easily. While Facebook allows you to have a username with a maximum of 50 characters, it’s better to use a short username that people can easily remember and that’s not a hassle to type. Using your business name is a good idea.

To create the username, click “Create a Username for Your Page” under your page name on the left. When you are done, click “Create Username” below the box. You will see a pop-up box with links to your Facebook Business Page and Facebook Messenger. Click “OK” to move to the next stage where you will complete the details of your Facebook business page.


Step Six: Fill up your About Section


Many people leave this space for later, but the details in your About Section are highly important for the success of your business on Facebook and should be included right away. You will be doing your business a great disservice if people visit your page and mundane matters like your opening hours cannot be found. Such visitors would doubt your ability to deliver when it’s difficult for you to handle such simple matters.

In your about section, you can provide every vital information needed by customers to find you including your opening and closing hours, the hours when your customer support are available online, and so on.

You will find the About button on the left-hand side of your Facebook Page. Click the About button (Might be hidden in drop-down menu below your profile photo!) to add or edit information about your business such as your contact details, year of establishment, and links to other social media accounts. You may also be able to include menu and price range for your products if your business category permits that feature.

It is at this stage that you can add a detailed business description. To add a longer description, click the “Edit Story” button at the right-hand side of the Page. There, you can tell your potential users about your products and services and why they should follow or like your page. You can exploit this opportunity to create a fertile ground for meaningful engagements between your business and its customers and show them reasons why they need your brand in their lives. You can also create a group where your customers can interact with each other and your business about your offerings and how to make you serve them better. In this section, you can also add a link to your website so users can access your website directly through Facebook.

Click the “Edit Page Info” at the top right-hand side of the screen to provide your business location and operational hours. Click “Save Changes” when you are done.

Once you are done adding every essential information to your Facebook page, click the “Add a Button” option at the top right-hand corner of your page. The “Add a Button” feature makes it possible for customers to perform the following actions from your page:

Book Services: Allows customers start an order or book a service.

Get in Touch: Enables customers contact you on the page via direct message, custom form, telephone and so on.

Learn More: Lets customers see more information about your business via a link to your About Page or short video presentation.

Make a Purchase or Donation: This feature provides a direct link to a product page on your website where users can buy products or services, make donations and so on.

Download App or Game: Allows customers play games or download your app.

It's recommended that you add a button that will make it easier for your customers to access your offerings. For example, the Book Services button is a great way to get more people to use your hotel services if you are in the hospitality business. This feature can also be used to boost traffic to a particular page on your website.

Now, your Facebook Business Page is ready! In the future, you can always go back to edit your details if there is any change in the status of your company.


Step Seven: Create Valuable Content




If you have done everything in this tutorial but stopped here, all your efforts will have gone to waste! It’s essential to provide your potential followers and customers highly engaging, value-adding content that they can relate to personally. You can write your posts if you are skilled enough, but you can also share relevant content from top influencers in your line of business. Facebook also allows you to create a specific type of posts such as a product offer or event announcement.

You can access the various options by clicking the tabs at the top of the status box. Whatever you do, make sure it's adding value to your audience so you can earn their loyalty, trust and position yourself as an authority in your field. That way, your Facebook business page will become a go-to platform where your customers can actively engage and interact with your business with ease.

When you have started posting great content regularly, it’s time to start inviting people to like and follow your Facebook Page. A great place to start is your family and friends. You can also propagate the word via other social media accounts and your website. Be sure to include the "follow us" logo on your email signature and marketing materials.


Functions of a Facebook Business Page

Now that you've created your Facebook Page, what next? Your Facebook Page can help grow your business in many ways including:

Engage your customers

Your Facebook Business Page is a perfect platform to connect with your customers. When users like and follow your page, it gives you the opportunity to tell them about your next product offerings, events, special offers and so on. You can also share valuable content that is interesting, educative and informative to keep them coming for more. It can also be an avenue for interacting with your clients, asking and answering questions about how to improve your service delivery. In fact, a Facebook Page allows you to nurture a mutually benefiting relationship with your customers.

Increase your website traffic

You can use your Facebook Page to increase your website's popularity by linking specific pages on your site to areas of the page where customer engagement is high. A Facebook Page is also easier to find, making it an easier and faster way to get more people to visit your website.

Facebook Ads

A Facebook Page also allows you to advertise on Facebook. The exciting thing about Facebook adverts is that it will enable you to target a particular market. With Facebook ads, you are sure of getting your brand in front of the precise demographic that needs your offerings, making it one of the best PPC methods.

There are many other benefits of having your Facebook Page, and we just have to stop here for the sake of brevity. A Facebook Business Page is one of the most effective platforms to increase customer engagement and win new prospects for accelerated growth of your brand. It’s evident from this article that creating one is not rocket science. With this piece as a guide, you can easily create your Facebook Page to effectively increase your engagement with your audience, and grow your business for more success and profitability.


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