Homesync: Posting Groups

Do you need to manage multiple profiles at once?

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Are you a social media manager trying to manage multiple pages?

Introducing Posting Groups

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Many social media managers find themselves trying to grow extra arms just to be able to keep up with all the social media pages they are running. Whether you’re managing facebook pages for 100 different stores or twitter accounts for 50 different products, posting to all of them can get cumbersome very quickly.


Introducing Post Groups. Homesync allows you to organize your social media profiles into individual groups for easy posting. Once you have setup a group, you can post or schedule posts to all the social media profiles within that group in 1 click. Post groups can be customized to have any number of Facebook pages, Twitter accounts, and LinkedIn pages.


My Stores

Post to a group and publish to all your profiles

Post Group Features:

  • Group up to 150 Facebook accounts, Twitter accounts, LinkedIn pages 

  • Post to a group and hit all accounts at the same time

  • Schedule to a group and have homesync automatically post for you.


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